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Top Helena



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A triangular shape decorated with delicate gold-plated spheraz gives the structure of our versatile top Helena. To complement it, sophisticated pump sleeves and removable cups, and rear straps that easily fit for support and comfort.

Composition: 80% polyester 20% Spandex.

We ship to worldwide. The estimated delivery time of the pieces is subject to its availability in our inventory. Usually, if we do not have the piece in our inventory, it takes 3-4 business days to dispatch it.

The estimates presented below are based on information provided by DHL Express. Delivery times are subject to any inconvenience in service or delays in customs. BAHÍA MARÍA recommends always consulting the tracking numbers.

At the end of the purchase process the value that will be shown corresponds to the cost of your piece plus the part of the shipping cost that you must assume. Once the order is dispatched, there is no refund of the purchase or the cost of shipping assumed.

The garment that you have purchased signifies a connection between elegance and top quality materials.

To preserve the flawlessness of your piece please read the following instructions. Due to the delicate nature of this fabric, both laundering and wear must be done with care.

Avoid contact with coarse surfaces, high temperatures, pools treated with harsh chemicals and suntan lotions. Garments must be hand washed after use to remove all chemicals.

Bust Under the bust Waist High Hip Low Hip
S 33 IN 30 IN 26 IN 32 IN 35 IN
M 35 IN 32 IN 28 IN 34 IN 37 IN
L 37 IN 34 IN 30 IN 36 IN 39 IN

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