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BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. is a company that manufactures and sells swimwear and beachwear clothes. Bahia Maria is based in Bogotá, Colombia, and owns and is responsible for the products, services, and information on this website.

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  1. Intellectual and industrial property rights:

1.1. This website and its content, including the texts, graphics, logos, animations, sounds, labels, fonts, photographs and any other element of brand and intellectual property, including the design of this website ("web content"), belong to BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. Total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage without prior written permission of the company, for personal and/or commercial purposes is prohibited.

1.2. We guarantee the use of the website and its content to you as a user. However, you must not:

  • Reproduce, copy, duplicate, sell and/or exploit any element belonging to the web content.
  • Use any computer program that allows monitoring and/or collecting information on the use and elements of web content.
  • Delete, evade, or manipulate the copyright and other data that identify the rights of BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S.

  • Send or transmit this website to yourself or third parties for obscene, defamatory, slanderous or discriminatory purposes against BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S., staff and/or those responsible for managing the website.
  • Any interception of the website and/or information referring to it, computer attacks, copyright offenses or identity theft.
  • Assist or incite third parties to do any of the things described in these TERMS OF USE.
  1. User rights:

2.1. BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. is committed to users, transparency, inclusion, respect and dignified treatment of them. As a user you have the right to:

  • Receive dignified and equal treatment, based on respect, by the language on the website, staff and/or administrators.
  • Receive the information corresponding to the products and services, referring to materials, measurements, costs and other relevant data during all stages of the processes in which you participate, whether are purchases or knowledge in general.
  • Know in advance the service procedures, before making the purchase decision.
  • Request more information about processes, products and services.
  • Know in which way your data is processed through this website, as well as request the rectification, cancellation or opposition to situations in which your data may be compromised (see Privacy Policy).

2.2. If you as a user feel that any of your rights is violated, or have any request, complaint, claim or suggestion, please write to

  1. Violation of copyright to third parties:

3.1. BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. respects the intellectual property of third parties. If you believe that any of your works or the work of someone you know has been copied, modified or reused by us and incurs a violation of copyright, we request that you please notify us by sending an email to

3.2. In order to expedite this process, we request that the notification contain the following information:

  • A copy (screenshot, downloaded image) of the content that you consider is infringing copyright;
  • A copy of the original work on which the infringement is being exercised;
  • A signature and/or record demonstrating the ownership of the work or the rights to the infringed work;
  • Name, address, telephone number, email and any other information that allows us to contact you; and
  • A document where, under oath and with your identification, you affirm that you act in good will when reporting the case, that you are the owner of the right that is being violated or, failing that, you have the authorization to make this claim, and that all the information supplied for the case is real and true.
  1. Errors and inconsistencies:

4.1. BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. by creating this website agrees to keep the information supplied therein up-to-date, in a complete and transparent manner. However, typographical errors, omissions or inconsistencies may exist (human or technological) regarding the information, prices and availability of the products. Some information may not be complete or updated. We reserve the right to correct, update or change information without prior notice, even after a purchase has been processed.

4.2. You agree that particular adjustments of your electronic devices may affect the presentation of the website and the characteristics of the products.

4.3. In the event that the product you received does not correspond to the image shown on the website, you can make your claim under our Exchange Policy.

  1. Changes to the website or terms of use.

5.1. BAHÍA MARÍA SWIMWEAR S.A.S. reserves the right to modify or withdraw temporarily or permanently this website without prior notice to the user.

5.2. There is the possibility that these terms may be modified, changed or updated over time and the use and navigation by the user on the website is a guarantee of acceptance of such modifications. If you do not agree with some changes, you should stop using the website immediately.

5.3. Users will not receive any compensation for claims in the malfunction of the website.

  1. Links to third parties.

BAHÍA MARÍA SWINWEAR S.A.S. is not responsible for the content and / or malfunction of third-party websites that may appear on our website.

  1. Payments and data collection for payments.

The website does not collect any payment information. Third parties can collect them, to finalize the payment process with BAHÍA MARÍA.